Alpaca and Baby Alpaca are exceptional yarns !

The creation of Filalto was born after a travel to Bolivia when the founder of Filalto, Cécile discovered the outstanding wool that is Alpaca and the true craftmanship of the artisans in La Paz, weaving and knitting alpaca garments in one of the highest city of the world.
Also, today, it becomes more and more difficult to find good quality knitwear pleasant to wear and that is durable in time.
It is now rare to find garments made with 100% natural fibers. The mix of synthetic fibers and natural ones (like cotton, wool or cashmere) has led to a decline of the overall quality of clothes and more specifically knitwear.
Often knitted sweaters and cardigans tend to pill, deform and consequently this shortens their lifespan.
In the case of cashmere, its success has caused massive production and we are witnessing a decrease of quality in most brands. Beautiful cashmere is now strictly restricted to exclusive brands.
Why accept a lower quality offer when natural treasures exist ?
One of these treasures is alpaca’s wool as well as baby alpaca’s.
This discovery was an authentic encounter.


What is alpaca and baby alpaca ?

The alpaca is a small camelid (like llamas or vicunas) living in a natural environment at 4500 meters high (14700 feet) in the Andes.
Alpaca wool is rare ! There are an estimated 4 million alpacas and by contrast 450 million cashmere goats worldwide.
The alpacas are sheared once a year and they provide a warm, soft, hypo-allergenic and time resistant wool.
Baby alpaca wool is even more noble. It is the first shearing from 2 years old alpacas.
Baby alpaca’s wool is thinner, lighter and softer than alpaca’s but just as warm.
Alpaca wool is recognized as one of the most luxurious fabric in the world. It is used by some of the most prestigious brands in the Fashion world.
Alpaca wool is the warmest all-weather friendly fiber. Alpaca fiber contains microscopic air pockets providing great insulation, breathability,and lightness. Alpaca keeps you warm in the winter or cool in the summer. A thin Alpaca sweater can keep you warmer than most heavy jackets and more comfortable.
Also, Alpaca has a very soft texture which makes garments comfortable and gives you immediately a feeling of luxury.
Another quality is the strength and unique durability of the alpaca wool. It pills less than cashmere. Most of the Alpaca garments last longer than any other luxury fibers including cashmere and silk.
Filalto has traveled across Peru and Bolivia to seek and evaluate its future suppliers who will produce its 100% alpaca and baby alpaca knitwear.
Three suppliers have been selected in Bolivia for the quality of their wool, their skills to work this special wool and their commitment to work ethically  in the respect of the traditions.

Filalto designs

Filalto knitwear is designed in France and produced in Bolivia and Peru by artisans with millenay textile traditions and a commitment to quality at each step of production.
All articles are 100% alpaca or 100% baby alpaca handcrafted or even handmade by a community of Bolivian women upon fairtrade principles.
The Filalto style is refined, contemporary and inspired by current trends without giving in to the latest fads of fashion.

Who are we ?

Passionate about textile and wool creations since long, Cécile the creator of Filalto has worked in the cashmere business. After training in fashion drawing and several stays in Bolivia she has finally launched her company which offers high quality knitwear designed in France and handcrafted in Bolivia and recently Peru.