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Qu'est ce qu'on est bien !

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Le printemps est là ! Et la joie de mon poncho en baby alpaga !

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Vive le Printemps !!



A unique collection in Alpaca and Baby Alpaca

A large Baby Alpaca collection for a warm and cosy winter

Our off the track articles that are unique.

Alpaca and Baby Alpaca are exceptional yarns !

The creation of Filalto was born after a travel to Bolivia when the founder of Filalto, Cécile discovered the outstanding wool that is Alpaca and the true craftmanship of the artisans in La Paz, weaving and knitting alpaca garments in one of the highest city of the world. Also, today, it becomes more and more difficult to find good quality knitwear pleasant to wear and that is durable in time.

It is now rare to find garments made with 100% natural fibers. The mix of synthetic fibers and natural ones (like cotton, wool or cashmere) has led to a decline of the overall quality of clothes and more specifically knitwear.

Often knitted sweaters and cardigans tend to pill, deform and consequently this shortens their lifespan.

In the case of cashmere, its success has caused massive production and we are witnessing a decrease of quality in most brands.

Beautiful cashmere is now strictly restricted to exclusive brands.

Why accept a lower quality offer when natural treasures exist ? One of these treasures is alpaca’s wool as well as baby alpaca’s.

This discovery was an authentic encounter.