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100% Alpaca   HandknittedA big scarf, soft and stylish.A large jersey stitch, a width that is enlarged in the center and narrowed on the borders, hand knitted, this scarf has a nice design. a beautiful colour of navy with a hint of grey.With the Noé scarf, rediscover authenticity and enjoy a soft and handmade feel around your neck. Size : 195cm x 30cm

179,00 €

Woven in 100% baby alpaca  4PlyA beautiful woven scarf for every day.With its classic style and exceptional softness it is a pleasure to wear it.It will keep you warm and bring refinement to your outfits.  Size : 170cm x 35cm   fringes : 8cm

69,00 €

100% Baby Alpaca A warm, soft and easy to wear hat for men.A simple stitch, an easy going look allow to wear this hat any time.An essential accessory for men !

59,00 €

100% Baby Alpaca  Handknitted Those mittens for men are soft and warm and allow to continue all activities in winter with free fingers. Hand made in a superb baby alpaca wool, they are unique.

69,00 €
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100% baby alpaca  4 plyA sporty and chic sweater, warm and soft, made in a high quality baby alpaca wool. Perfect for winter weekends.You will feel cosy and protected from the cold.

199,00 €

100% Baby Alpaca  A woven scarf with an herringbone pattern. Very chic and comfortable, it is an essential piece of the men outfits.  SIZE : 31 cm X 168 cm + 7 cm de fringes

79,00 €

100% Baby Alpaca  A classic sweater light and warm ! The new Filalto V necks are soft, thin and warm. Made in a a thin baby alpaca  wool (2/28) those sweaters are so nice to wear even under a jacket.  Very fine ribs for the finishing touches give this sweater a lot of chic. An essential piece for winter.

149,00 € 189,00 €

Woven in 100% Baby Alpaca wool A beautiful scarf for men, soft and warm for everyday.  Idéal with a suit or for a more casual outfit.  This tricolor style is made with 3 different colors of wool : light grey, dark grey and blue which bring brightness and versatility.Confortable and sophisticated, it is a great pleasure to wear it. Total size : 180cm x 31 cm  fringes 8cm

69,00 €

100% Baby Alpaca  Hand woven. Juan is a luxurious scarf : it is a unique piece made on a hand loom with a beautiful herringbone  pattern. Its fringes are placed by hand. Crafted in a double baby alpaca yarn, its texture is dense and it is warm and soft. Filalto is proud to make you enjoy this beautiful modern piece made with traditional methods. 

110,00 €
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A brioche stith hat in Alpaca, a sportswear style.  Slightly oversize it is trendy. An essential piece for Winter !

45,00 €
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100% Baby Alpaca Sporty but chic ! A simple but elegant scarf.It is very soft, warm and long enough to wear it different ways.Comfortable, chic and sporty you will love to wear it. Size : 195cm x 35cm 

90,00 € 125,00 €

100% Alpaca wool   Hand knitted A long, soft and warm scarf hand made in a virgin alpaca wool that will be your ally for winter days. Entirely knitted by hand each scarf is a unique piece.A casual and sensual scarf to feel good. Size : 180cm x 32cm

110,00 € 145,00 €
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