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Exclusive scarves 

Limited edition of scarves to be unique

 Exclusive scarves

100% Baby Alpaga / linedSize : 165cm x 25cmA safari inspiration  pattern for this lovely scarf. It will cheer up your jackets and coats.This scarf is lined with  plain sand beige baby alpaca wool.It will bring you warmth, softness and good mood.

110,00 € 150,00 €

65% alpaca  35% LambswoolA unique handspun wool ! This scarf is made with Alpaca wool spun by hand which confers an irregular and natural look to the wool and the scarf. This scarf is a beautiful piece, long with big fringes. It has a unique and superb style. Size : 250cm x 33cm

149,00 € 210,00 €

100% Alpaca wool  Handknitted    Unique piece, created in very small quantities Size : 195cm x 30cmA big scarf, soft and stylish made in a beautiful chiné grey color with a hint of ivoryA large jersey stitch. Hand knitted, this scarf has a nice touch and a natural style.  With the Noé scarf, rediscover authenticity and enjoy a soft and handmade feel around your neck.

139,00 € 179,00 €
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